Monday, 20 March 2017

Sock yarn blanket 3

After finishing blanket C18  my continued bus knitting was blocks for the next sock yarn blanket. The background yarn was Wendy Roam, a 4 ply sock yarn, bought cheaply when it was discontinued. I had four 100 gr balls. The other yarns were a Rico sock yarn, in cheerful pink yellow shades and two Schoeller and Stahl yarns, in white/black/navy. I also found some remains of a grey black yarn.
There was a point in doing large blocks in blanket C18  - to reduce the effort in joining – but I prefer smaller blocks, so here I made them smaller, aiming for a 15 cm side. The knitting was fine, effortless. I enjoyed watching the pattern emerged from the self striping yarns, and the green Roam yarn was a nice match.

This time I decided to use my favourite method for joining, three needle bind off. I had run out of the Roam yarn, so I used a blue Sportico sock yarn. In artificial light in the winter months you could really not see the difference, but in day light it is obvious. The joining took a long time. I quite liked doing it but I did wonder if it was worth it – I could have done so much other knitting. I did a 6 row garter stitch edging.

I hadn't planned the placement of the blocks at all, and I was pleased that it worked out so well. The Rico yarn lightens the blanket.  It is deliberately smaller than a full size adult blanket, because it is so thin and not very warm.  It is suitable for a child.
Sock yarn 3 blanket C21
Wendy Roam and other sock yarns, 4 ply
size 3mm needles
123 cm by 1153 cm, 890 gr
Knitted 31 March 2015 to 25 February 2017

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