Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The next blanket

For the next blanket, #178, I wanted to use darker yarns, except for black.  The colours are grey with burgundy and purple, but the pictures don't get the shine of the red shades across.  This colour combination is a favourite of mine, and it is my aim - to use up all the other yarns, so that I can concentrate on these.  And a few others.

But here the shades aren't distributed equally, and the blanket looks patchy and irregular.  Personally I don't mind much.  Again it was a case of using up yarn, nice yarn, and I could have made more of an effort to blend them.  The blanket feels nice, with mohair, angora and alpaca yarns.

I unravelled the next Kaffe Fassett garment, a long sleeveless jacket for Peruvian Connection.  The cotton yarns are similar to the ones in the cardigan in blanket #173, two or three strands, some boucle, in different shades used together.  I don't separate them anymore, but use them as they come.  It is easier here with some strands very long.  This is a pattern that Kaffe has used several other times.  I enjoyed the unravelling, and the cotton yarn is a pleasure to work with.