Sunday, 17 June 2012

Tapestry cushion finished: Primavera's sunflowers by Joanna Allen

This is the next tapestry cushion that I finished a while ago.  As with all my tapestry kits I bought it in a charity shop, this one some seven years ago.  It is by Primavera, and the designer is Joanna Allen.  You can still buy the kit, from John Lewis among other places.  It was not one of my favourites, but I still enjoyed stitching it, and I am very pleased by the way it turned out.  Somebody else helped stitch the flower bottom right, and it shows that it has been done in a different style.

The background wool for this kit was a dark red, and I was doubtful about how it would turn out.  The ones in John Lewis had a cream background, and I could not find a red one on the Internet either, although there was one in navy.  I thought cream would be too light and impractical, so I looked for a different colour.  In the end I chose a medium grey, and I like it.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

The next blanket

It has been so long since my last entry that I have finished knitting blanket #148 and I have started crocheting the edging.  It is the next dark blanket, very similar to blanket #142, because a lot of the yarns are the same, but it is brighter with more and brighter reds and some bright blues.  This one is knitted in aran weight too.  I used the dark grey angora in this one too, and some random coloured navy mohair, and it makes it so soft.  (The colours in the pictures are too light.)

The next Kaffe Fassett jumper in turn to be unravelled was the Lattice patten from Glorious Knitting.  It is knitted exactly as in the book.  The problem with this kind of regular pattern is that all the yarns are the same lengths and there are a limited number of them.  The yarns are nice anyway, Rowan Spun Tweed and Fine Tweed and some fine chenille.  I like chenille yarns, but the thicker ones are inflexible to knit with.

The second garment was a Per Una zip front cardigan from the time when they did 100% wool clothes.  I bought this several years ago aiming it for a bus knitted blanket, but then I had second thoughts.  I thought it was shetland yarn but it is not.  The yarn came out quite well anyway, after washing.  The fronts were cut so I discarded them.  I have so much yarn now that I no longer have patience to deal with a lot of short ends in indifferent yarns.  I threw away the thick yarn in the collar and cuffs, too.  I could have split it, but I did not have a mind to.