Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The next blanket


The next blanket, #184, was supposed to be pale pink, but when it came to sorting out the yarns it turned out that there was little pink.  So I added the remains of the yellow and some apricot, and the rest is neutrals - white, off white, beige, grey, sheep coloured (undyed wool) and so on.  I like it.  The boucle is from Blanket #172 and it adds texture.  The softness comes from the angora in yellow Paton's Fuzzy-Wuzzy.

I unravelled this shawl, knitted according to a Shetland pattern.  The unusual thing about it is that the centre is knitted in moss stitch - usually it is done as garter stitch.  The other thing is the choice of yarn, an ordinary wool, not shetland.  I thought it was 4 ply, but unravelled it was much thinner, a 2 ply.  It is still very soft, and a pleasure to knit with.


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