Monday, 18 November 2013

The second blanket C10

The second blanket C10 is finished, using up all the remaining rust and yellow blocks.  I joined them using double crochet, the same as for the first blanket.  This time I wanted to do a double crochet stitch edging too, so I did several rows of rust and brown, since there was no more yellow yarn.  I like the way it turned out.

I am not so happy about the shape of the blanket.  I have long wanted to do a medallion arrangement of the blocks, but for that you need odd numbers of blocks both in the rows and the columns.  I was pleased to see that here I had exactly enough blocks for a 9 by 13 arrangements.  I did not stop to think that it would make a long narrow blanket until it was too late to change my mind.  So I had to leave it, and the blanket is 1.55m by 1.05m.  It would have been better shorter and wider.  It used up 720gr of yarn.

So, overall it was extremely inexpensive enjoyable crochet.  The end results were not that good.