Sunday, 17 May 2015

The next blanket

The next blanket, #168, was due to include white, and I managed to use quite a few, so it has ended up lighter than many others with white.  There is some green and yellow with the white, and beige and grey and blue, but I didn't have very much of the other colours.  I am pleased to have got rid of so much white.

The garment next in turn to be unravelled was the first of my Susan Duckworth Basketweave sweaters.  The pattern is published in Hugh Ehrman's Designer knitting, 1986, and it was sold as a kit.  This one is knitted exactly as the pattern in the book, down to the three buttons on the left shoulder.  There is no sign of use.  The yarn is Rowan Double Knitting Wool in a total of twelve different shades.  The crosses were annoying, both to unravel and because they are a bit too short to reuse.  Otherwise it was a pleasure to unravel entre lac, called 'a strongly geometric arrangement of multi-coloured diamonds.

It was interesting that it took some 25 years for me to find the first one in a charity shop, and that I would then find three more in a short space of time afterwards, none of them identical.