Sunday, 1 December 2013

The next blanket


For this dark blanket, #157, I wanted to use up the cyclamen mohair wool.  There is nothing wrong with it, except that it has been around for many years and it would be nice to see the end of it.  The colour is too bright for many things.  In the event, I didn't finish it this time.  It will be around for several more blankets.  So many of my blankets are ruined by me wanting to finish yarns.  And by my compulsion to use up every little scrap of yarn.  It is so difficult, if not impossible, to throw yarn away.

So I felt compelled to include this black blue thick-and-thin yarn that I obviously felt compelled to buy at some stage.  It is so obviously acrylic, but something in me liked it nevertheless.  It didn't work out so badly after all.  The thick blue portions sort of fit in with the rest, and the black bits just blend.  There is plenty more of this, but I don't think it will go into another blanket.

The first garment that I unravelled was this Marion Foale tunic in a mulberry colour.  It was nicely knitted in pure wool DK, and the yarn came out beautifully after washing.  The picture shows the stains on the front very well.  I quite often come across Marion Foale garments.  Some shops ask a lot for them, others are more reasonable.  I am tempted by the ones in 4 ply wool, not so much by the ones in cotton.

The second garment was this handknitted cardigan in a purple 4 ply wool.  It was very easy to unravel, totally unremarkable, and really the kind of yarn I want for my blankets.