Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Another crochet blanket (C10) finished

I seem to have a waiting list of blankets to be finished.  I have finally - nine months after finishing the crochet of all the blocks - made time to join the blocks for blanket C10.  This was very enjoyable bus crochet for over a year.  When I got the blocks out again I realised that I had forgotten that the blocks were different sizes and that I would have to do two smaller blankets.

The first blanket consists of all the brown and the larger rust blocks.  Again I joined them using a crochet slip stitch and I did the edging using one round of double crochet and one of crab stitch.  I think it worked OK.  I could have thought more about the arrangement of the blocks.  The extra rust block might have been better placed in the opposite corner.

The result is a light blanket, 100 by 113 cms, a perfect size for a child.  Personally I like the colours, although I can see that many would not.  They come across as 1970s colours.  I washed it in the machine without problems.

I really like the pattern that the decreases make and the texture that they give.  The slip stitch join makes a ditch on the right side and I don't mind it at all.

Now I am fastening the ends of blanket #154 and I will finish it before going on to continue with the rest of the blocks for blanket C10.