Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The next blanket

The next blanket, #180, is another pale one with white.  The white is not that prominent any more.  This is another attempting to get rid off bright yellow yarns, and there are some nice subtler ones as well.  I added pink and beige, and off white as well.

I have already written about the Kaffe Fassett Outlined Star child's cardigan, and now I have unravelled it.  It was all in acrylic 4 ply yarns, and it made me wonder why I went to the effort, as the yarns would add little to the blankets.  It was knitted in fair isle, with rows having at least three yarns carried along, so I just pulled.  A good thing acrylic doesn't break easily.

I started using this box of Patons Fuzzy-wuzzy white yarn, 55 per cent angora and 45 wool.  It came in a box with a label saying 10 balls, but the box contained 12.  Each ball is just 10g.  It is lovely.