Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The next blanket

The next blanket is dark, green with brown, grey, navy and black.  The colours look much lighter in the pictures.  The purpose of the green was to finish off the Patricia Roberts black green marled Shetland, and that I will manage.  I added two mohair yarns so it feels cosy.  The other dark yarns tend to be the same, blanket after blanket.  I enjoy knitting it very much.

I unravelled this navy cardigan.  There is a lot of linen knitwear around, or there was last summer, and I wanted some to add texture to the blankets.  The brand is one I don't know, Marco Pecci, with a label in German.  Unravelled it was disappointing.  The yarn consists of four strands of thin yarn, not plied.  You easily lose strands when you knit, and the texture disappears because the strands are so thin.  It adds some bulk.

The yarn from the second garment does not go into this blanket because of the purple colour, but it will in others because it is lovely single ply wool.  The pattern comes from Edina Ronay's book, Knitting Collection, and it is just called Fitted sweater in silk.  I have seen it as a cardigan in silk, and I have also seen a second one in wool, in the same shade as mine.  The style is dated, and not one I would wear even if it fitted me.