Thursday, 17 March 2011

A floppy mess

I have not written for a while, because I have done no knitting to write about.  I continue knitting blanket #139 with pleasure.

I took a long time fastening the ends on blanket #138, but now it is done, and now I can turn to the basket again.  It was funny how reluctant I was to pick it up while I was still working on #138, and as soon as it was done I had no problem at all in continuing with the basket.

I knew there was only a few more rows to do.  I put half the stitches on another circular needle to check the shape.  It resembles a big floppy mess.  I started having doubts about the sides standing up, and I was right, of course they don't.  The question is if felting will improve it.  I will have to wait and see.  I checked the Mason-Dixon knitting book again, and there it says that their first attempts ended up as floppy baskets too.  The basket bit I have no problems with, the floppyness I do.  I should have read the book more carefully before I started.  They solved the problem by using the yarn doubled.  Too thick I thought, and not enough yarn for the size I wanted.  The size is another matter.  Now it is much bigger than I thought.  As I have got this far, I will continue and then I will felt and see how it ends up.  Perhaps useless.