Sunday, 21 June 2015

Sock yarn blanket2

A few years ago I started buying sock yarn, not just from charity shops but from those little wool shop selling budget ranges of yarn.  Some salesman must have persuaded them that sock yarns were going to be big sellers, but, as it turned out, not in those kind of shops so the yarn had been marked down to half price.  And I bought.  This is the 100 gr balls of 4 ply self striping yarn, 75% wool 25% nylon.

In a charity shop I found 9 50 gr balls of Patons Diploma Gold 4 ply yarn, 55% wool 25% acrylic 20% nylon in a nice olive green that I thought would go well with the sock yarns.  It was the fact that it was machine washable that made me buy it.  I liked the idea of knitting 2 rows sock yarn 2 rows plain  with the plain yarn forming a calming background to the more colourful sock yarns, in the style of Blanket C13.

I used my standard pattern of diagonally knitted bias blocks.  Because I was so tired of the joining together I decided to go for larger blocks - with a 21 cm edge.  I had intended to do an adult size single blanket, but when I got to the end of the Patons yarn it seemed a shame to introduce other main colours so I decided to leave it as a child's blanket.

This time I crocheted the blocks together, using the method from Blanket C17.  It was quick, possibly because of the size of the blocks.  I did a garter stitch edging, in log cabin fashion.

I am quite pleased with the blanket.  The knitting - on buses and train - was enjoyable.  I am not convinced with large blocks.  I do prefer smaller ones, despite the extra work.  I am not sure either of my method of placing the blocks so that four blocks meet at one point.  With blocks this size it looks odd.  It would look more harmonious if all stripes went in the same direction.  I like the colours.

Sock yarn 2 blanket C18
Patons Diploma Gold 4 ply, various sock yarns, 4 ply
size 3mm needles
110 cm by 110 cm, 800 gr
Knitted 22 June 2014 to 13 May 2015