Monday, 10 March 2014

The next blanket

The next blanket, #159, turned out to be very bright.  I wanted to use up the yellow coloured double knitting Greenock wool, and I added bright greens and orange.  I think it is a good idea to put all the bright colours together, but it does taking used to.  I enjoyed knitting it after all.  There will still be some yellow left, more than enough for another blanket.  And green and orange.

Despite what I said about ribbed Jigsaw sweaters I allowed myself to buy one more.  They provide such useful background colour.  And soon afterwards I found this one in beige.  I would have preferred a darker colour, but it goes very well here.  That is you can hardly see it, but I think it adds to the uniformity.

The second garment to unravel was this cardigan by Jamie and Jesse Seaton.  It does not appear in their book, but I saw it in an Ehrman catalogue from the early 1990s.  It was available as a kit or as ready knitted.  I hope this one was knitted from a kit.  The first front and sleeve were difficult to unravel.  There were lots of tight knots, unnecessary short lengths and in places yarn seemed to have swiss darned on top of a previous row, and sometimes a row or two sewn.  I really don't understand how it was done.  The other three parts were better
knitted and easier to unravel.  Had the knitting been better I would have felt worse about unravelling it.  The yarn was Rowan soft 4 ply cotton I think.

The third was a Marks and Spencer orange cashmere scarf.  The colour fitted right in.

My yarn diet is not going too well.  I do stick to items on the list of allowed items, but as it is so broad it is easy to find things that fit.  I have found one thing.  I should look at colour first, and if it is bright, or white or black, I don't buy.  That works so easily.