Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The next blanket

The colours in the next blanket are ones that I have knitted numerous times - pink, blue, lavender, lilac.  I like them, but I do wish I would run out of the bright pink yarns.  Nowadays I remind myself to pay attention to the colour as well when I buy yarn, not just the quality.

The next garment to be unravelled was this brick coloured wrap.  The colour is unsuitable for this blanket, but I like the discipline of unravelling things in order of purchase.  That way everything gets transformed into yarn, sooner or later.  I still leave the ones that are clearly unsuitable for standard blankets.  This stole was presumably knitted by a novice.  It is a very easy lace pattern, but one row went completely wrong.  The stole was bordered by a row of double crochet, to neaten the edges, partially in a different yarn.  It has a fringe border too short for any use.  Unravelling it was so easy, and the yarn is a lovely double knitting weight alpaca.

The second garment was this Marks and Spencer cashmere polo neck sweater in stripes of red, pink and grey.  I bought this at an incredibly low price in a sale - it is such a shame that M&S no longer sell cashmere at such prices.  I have worn it quite a lot, but the colours are wrong for me.  It looks smart.  The narrow stripes were a nuisance in unravelling. The ends had been tied together in knots that were impossible to undo.