Monday, 6 August 2012

The Noro Blossom blanket done

At last I finished the Noro Blossom blanket.  When I got to about 165 cm it seemed long enough, but there was still plenty of yarn left.  It didn't seem wide enough so I picked up stitches and knitted another 5 cm on each side.  At the top and bottom I added just a few rows.  I had planned to finish it off with an I-cord, but the beauty of the cord got lost in the unevenness of the yarn, so I did a double crochet cast off with the brighter shade instead.  I am pleased by the contrast which is not too bright.

The blanket is lovely.  It is warm and light and I love looking at it and wrapping it around myself.  It seems slightly lopsided with the top/bottom and side borders of unequal widths, but it is intended to be used, not to be looked at.

The needles I used, 5 mm, produced a loose knit, and I would have preferred the end product to be tighter, but the boucle yarn would have made it too uncomfortable to knit.  In the end I used less yarn than anticipated, possibly because of the loose knit.  I regret that I didn't take the opportunity to do a more challenging pattern than garter stitch or one that used the random striping to greater effect.  That is for future projects.  I must remember that I don't like knitting boucle yarns and I don't like knitting with thick needles.

Noro Blossom blanket C13

Yarn: Noro Blossom wool 40%, kid mohair 30%, silk 20%, nylon 10%; 1 250 g
Needles: 5 mm
Tension: 12 st

Size: 173 cm by 140 cm
Pattern: own
Knitted:   12 February to 14 July 2012