Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The next blanket

I didn't have a colour scheme in mind for the next blanket, #183, just that it should be dark.  So that is what it is, a mixture of all dark colours.  I omitted dark reds, but there is some reddish brown.  I seem to consider brown a dark colour, although so often it is not.  The blanket has texture from a black mohair and from black Rowan Alpaca Cotton, so there is interest.

I unravelled this jumper, with the brand name Angelo Litrico.  It is apparently a C&A brand - I remember C&A from my time in Brussels many years ago.  The jumper, in a man's size, is obviously hand knitted in pure wool.  I thought I would get strands in long lengths, ideal for the blanket, but the knitter had taken the advice to use short strands in intarsia to avoid tangles, and even used them in the large grey sections.  So I ended up with lots of short strands, just what I don't need.  The yarn is lovely though, soft and the right thickness for DK.  The grey is a Shetland type yarn. 

I found this picture of the yarns used in the gloves in the previous post.

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