Sunday, 15 July 2012

And blanket #149 again

I forgot to mention the very obvious fact that in blanket #149 every third row is bright pink.  This is shetland wool from a cone that I could not resist buying recently despite my reservations about bright colours.  The cone weighed exactly 500 grams, including the weight of the cone.  The label inside says Uppingham Yarns shetland wool.  The yarn is quite thin for 4 ply weight and not at all soft.  It is fine for the blankets, but too thin if you put it with another thin 4 ply, for example from the Sheila Duggie sweater.  I weighed it again after I finished the blanket.  Exactly 150 gr had been used, and that is useful information.  If I want to use the same 4 ply yarn every third row I will need at least 150 gr but probably less than 200 gr.

Another old nice favourite that went into the blanket is this Jaeger Wool Silk in a 20 gr ball.

And here is my Cabbage Patch doll dressed in the baby jacket.  This is the very first one that I bought, and I think the oldest.  She is smaller than more recent ones.  I love her dread locks and the way you can style them with your fingers.  She is sitting on my Kaffe Fassett star cushion next to some unravelled Noro Kureyon.  She no longer needs the jacket since I found some well fitting doll's clothes for her in a charity shop.  Regrettably she is not available for a photo session in her new outfit right now.  The idea was that I should knit or crochet or sew clothes for my dolls, but all my yarn is too precious for dolls.  I am considering buying some especially.

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