Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The next blanket

My knitting got derailed when I went away on a short holiday in May.  I stopped working on the Noro Blossom blanket - because it was nearing completion and I had to work out what to do next.  I took my bus knitting with me, a sock yarn sweater that I have not written about, and I have not touched it either since I came back.

I have been knitting on the standard blankets the whole time.  I finished blanket #148 and started #149.  In a way it is comforting to do just knitting that you don't have to think about, but now I do want to use my brain as well, and I have gone back to the Noro Blossom blanket.

But I will write about blanket #149.  This is in pale pastel colours, in double knitting weight, the kind of blanket that I knit time and time again and that is pleasurable each time.  There is nothing much to say about it.  (The holes that you can see in the picture will disappear when the ends are fastened.)

The first charity shop that I unravelled is a recent purchase.  I wanted a pale woollen 4 ply yarn, and this seemed to fit the bill.  It appears to be machine knitted with a label saying Sheila Duggie.  The off white yarn is a bit too thin, slightly unevenly spun with a fleck of the same colour.  I think it is wool, it behaves and it feels like wool.  I like the flower decoration and the stitch around the shoulders.  I could not work out how it was put together.  The neckband and the ribbing around the bottom and the wrists had been knitted together, but I could not find an end to start unravelling, so I had to resort to cutting.  Otherwise it was no trouble at all.

The second garment was a baby cardigan knitted in a very nice pale blue yarn, probably a wool blend.  I bought it for one of my Cabbage Patch dolls which came without clothes.  Although loosely knitted this was not so easy to unravel either because the ends had been very thoroughly fastened.

And this is one of the vintage yarns used - Patons Fuzzy Wuzzy - an angora wool blend probably from the 1970s.

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