Friday, 15 January 2016

Account for 2015

I bought a lot of yarn in 2015.  I have my guidelines, and somehow all yarn can be made to fit the guidelines.  Storage is a severe problem.  In November I woke up one morning with a strong feeling that I must stop buying yarn because I have run out of places to store it.

I actually went around practising not buying yarn, and I managed it for several weeks.  But now I'm back again.  I'm surprised that price has turned out to be the deciding factor.  I will buy at 10 - 15% of full woolshop price.  I think this is low, but it can still be managed, especially if I bargain.  I wish all wool had an obvious price label.  Once I have to ask how much it is it is very difficult to walk away.  I can't walk away without knowing the price.

On the other hand I have refined my system for deciding what yarn to knit next.  I have my standard blankets, and they are no problem at all.  I enjoy knitting them so much, and the yarn or knitted items that I buy for them disappears soon enough.  Now I go through my spreadsheet of yarn acquisitions and I will use each item in turn.  If a yarn is not suitable for special projects they must go into standard blankets however nice they are.  And I have my waiting list of blankets to knit.

It is just such a long term plan.  And the group of yarn meant for garments make me feel stressed.  I look at patterns and there are plenty that I would like to knit and I have suitable yarn, but knitting a garment takes so long because when it comes down it I prefer to knit blankets.

The good news is that I knitted a lot in 2015, a total of 22.2kg.  This is the most I have ever knitted in one year.  I noticed that my standard blankets were finished more quickly than before and I did several special ones.  I hope I will be able to keep this rate up in 2016, but I do have plans for at least one intricate special blanket which will take a long time.

To add a picture - this was my first purchase after I decided to stop buying yarn.  I have a nice collection of Rowan Summer Tweed.


  1. Hej, det er en fin blog du har, men jeg kan ikke rigtigt finde dine kontaktoplysninger på bloggen. Er det muligt for dig at sende en mail til Det drejer sig om muligt sammenarbejde.

    Med venlig hilsen

    1. E-mail addressen finns till vänster, ovanför Blog archive. Nu blev jag nyfiken.