Friday, 11 December 2015

The next blanket

The next blanket, #173, is not very nice.  I feel compelled to use every inch of yarn in the yarn store, and in this one I added all the bright greens and blues together with some very nice green and blues.  I like the browns that go with them.  A yarn that disturbs me too is the brown beige white random striped Jaeger Spiral Spun but I could find no other place for it.  One day I may learn to discard yarn.

I unravelled this Peruvian Connection cardigan.  It is a nice flower intarsia pattern, in my favourite colours, brown beige red.  Unravelling was a strain.  The ends had been securely tied together and sewn inside themselves.  The yarn consists of three strands of very thin cotton yarn, the three together not thick enough for DK weight, so I have divided them.  I am pleased with the way the yarn appears in the knitting, but it is debatable if it is worth the effort.  I tried wearing the cardigan.  It is the right size, but it is just not me.

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