Monday, 23 February 2015

The next blanket

The next blanket, #166, would be red, and this time I combined it with dark murky colours, grey, brown with some green and blue for depth.  At a distance it has a tinge of purple.  It is darker than shown in the picture.  It is a pleasure knitting this, with a mix of different types of woollen yarns and a bit of mohair.

To get some more red I unravelled this sleeveless pullover.  It has the mark of a Debbie Bliss design, but I have no evidence that it is.  It was knitted competently enough, but there were some ugly knots on the reverse side.  The yarn must be one of the ones with microfibre.  It is pleasant, but it does not have the feel of wool, naturally, and the kinks don't come out in washing.  It is a brighter red than the others used, so it adds a lift.

The second garment is a cotton cardigan knitted in a multiple colours, in Rowan Cable Mercerized Cotton and Sea Breeze Cotton 4 ply; I didn't notice any Cotton Chenille.  The pattern is Harlequin by Susan Duckworth from her book Knitting.  I was worried that the ends would be too short for reuse, but they are not.  It was easy to unravel as the ends were just woven in, not knotted, but it did take time.

And here is my version of Shaun the Sheep, very nicely knitted in handspun wool.  He has character - I love his expression and the hat.  Found in a charity shop.

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