Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The next blanket

 The next blanket, #162, is in one of my favourite colour combinations, pink brown grey blue.  When I'm knitting it appears more pink than when I look at it from a distance.  The yarns I use now are nicer than earlier, because I allow myself to refrain from unravelling less appealing items.  Here I use the dark grey angora and pink mohair to give softness, and the Marimekko pink for colour.  There is in fact quite a lot of pink in the yarn store.  I try to avoid, or use up, the bright pink, but it will take a long time.

The next sweater to be unravelled was a Scotch House labelled fair isle sweater.  I don't think it was handknitted because the knitting was too regular and the floats equal lengths.  The shoulders were joined using three needle bind off and the ribbing knitted downwards from picked up stitches.  The pattern consists of three identical bands in four shades, so it is not exciting.  The yarn is a nice shetland, but there remained kinks in the yarn after washing, so it will have been pressed or severely blocked.

The second sweater is a Marks and Spencer man's cashmere in a cable pattern.  The yarn is a bit thicker, nearly 4 ply weight, and very nice to knit with.  The colour is just right.

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