Monday, 22 May 2017

Thr nrxt blanket

The next blanket, #185, was going to be pink, but when it came to it there was not so much pink yarn any more. I added blues and the usual background colours of grey, beige and light brown. The blanket looks subdued with no strong contrasts. The strong pinks blend in nicely. There is angora for softness and some alpaca.

I decided not to unravel any knitted items this time, because there is so much yarn set aside for the standard blankets. In theory the store should go down with every blanket, because one knitted item is on average one third of the weight of a blanket. What actually happens is that I add to it by buying yarn for the blankets. Any yarn, as long as it a natural fibre and the right weight. I have trained myself now to consider the colour as well, and to reject colours that won't look good in the blankets. I enjoy trying out odd balls of yarn this way. But the store just increases...

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