Sunday, 23 August 2015

The next blanket

I love the colours and the texture of the next blanket, #170, murky with browns, greys, mauves and muted blues.  The only brighter irregular yarn is the shawl yarn from #167 that I felt inclined to add.  There is some angora yarn to add a hazy soft feel.  The texture looks good too and I think it is because all the yarn are of a similar weight, with few thicker or thinner.  I would like all my blankets to end up in these colours - there is a long way to go (ie a lot of brighter yarns to be knitted) before I get there.

I unravelled this lovely cardigan.  It is nicely knitted with front and sleeve cables and shiny gold buttons.  I can't work out what fibre it is.  It is heavy and slinky and nice.  I thought silk or silk blend or perhaps bamboo.  It was very easy to unravel.  In the end I decided the colour was wrong for this blanket, so it will end up in one with more brighter greens.

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