Saturday, 26 April 2014

The next blanket

The next blanket was a dark one, this one with blues and greens.  It is very similar to the last dark green one, #154, because the yarns are much the same.  I unravelled three sweaters to add more yarn, to continue using the ones in the yarn store.

The first one was hand knitted, from very good quality double knitting wool, some blended with mohair.  This sweater looks as if it has never been worn, so it seems such a shame, that it was given to a charity shop and that it ended up unravelled.  It is well knitted too, the shoulders joined by three needle cast off and the intarsia faultlessly done.  The yarn is so lovely.

The second was an Abercrombie and Fitch shetland sweater.  I bought this, intending it to be used in one of my crochet blanket, but the colour was too dark.  Here it is perfect.  I do like this kind of shetland yarn, and it is shame I don't buy more of it.  I suspect I think it is boring - no fun to unravel, ordinary yarn.

The third was a Per Una cashmere sweater, brown v-neck.  I wore this for several years, but the style seems dated now, and I don't wear waist length sweaters any more.  Lovely yarn.

I am getting no further with my backlog of blankets to be finished.  That is, I keep up - for each blanket I finish I add another one to the backlog.  Four remain.

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