Sunday, 19 January 2014

The next blanket

The next blanket, #158, was going to be white pink and yellow, but the Drops mohair introduced a shade of green as well.  It was worth it, because it made the blanket so soft.  Admittedly the much thicker pink mohair helped too.  I attempted to use up some of the yellow yarns, too, and I succeeded to some degree, but there is still a lot left.  It is a nice blanket, no jarring colours, thick and soft.

I unravelled a Marimekko cardigan.  The pure wool yarn is so soft, and so easy to unravel.  The shade is much too strong for this blanket, so it will have to wait for another one.

The other sweater was a man's alpaca sweater, brand name Sol.  The yarn is nice.  It is slightly awkward to knit with because it is too strands not plied together.  This one was easy to unpick, too.

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