Monday, 15 April 2013

More Kaffe Fassett's Outlined Star plus Patricia Roberts

In some ways my yarn diet is working well.  I stick to my permitted items, and it is easy - something is tempting, but it is not on my list, so I don't buy.  Not to buy knitted items is much more difficult, and I can't help succumbing.  I have thought about removing these from the yarn store altogether but I have not decided, yet.

In February I found a Patricia Roberts child's sweater.  The pattern is called Chesil, and I have it in her Knitting book no 11 from 1988, but then her patterns are found in several publications.  I really like the pattern.  It comes in adult sizes as well.  I did not realise it when I bought it, but the picture on the front is sewed on.  The pattern says that it is available from the Patricia Roberts shop.  If the right yarn has been used it is Patricia Roberts Pure Wool.

My purchase in March was another Kaffe Fassett Outlined Star pattern.  If the previous one was oversized this one is tiny.  It would fit a very small child.  I think it is charming.  It is knitted in pastel shades of 4 ply in quite tight tension.  The knitter obviously thought that the sleeves were too short, so she picked up stitches to lengthen them, in the same pattern.  The only thing wrong with it - that does not come across in the picture - is that the yarn is nearly all acrylic.

And a more complete picture of Susan Duckworth's Indian Weave:

I did not finish any projects in March.  I had great plans, but the whole month was taken up with unpicking the next Kaffe Fassett sweater.

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