Thursday, 31 January 2013

Chicago cowl with picture

I haven't written for a while because of troubles adding pictures.  But here is a new way that worked remarkably well for a first attempt.  The Chicago cowl wound around my neck.  It is warm and quite comfortable if I ignore how it looks.

On the last day of January I can report on my yarn diet.  It is going surprising well.  There is yarn on my list that I can buy without further thought.  The rest I leave.  It helps that my list is flexible according to what I see and how I feel on the day.  There is no need for soul searching, no need for regrets.  In January I bought three balls of wool, all on my list - a total of 150 gr.  That is until yesterday when I found a Susan Duckworth cardigan.  I like her patterns - intarsia with a lot of flowers.  I have got her two books but I know I'm unlikely ever to knit anything from them, so I enjoy this cardigan.  This is the second of her patterns that I own - last year I bought a sweater.

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