Monday, 26 November 2012

Diagonal squares blanket C7

A while ago I finished one of my bus knitting blankets.  I did it in my usual garter stitch diagonal pattern.  It is so good for knitting on the bus because it does not require any counting, and you don't even need to look at it.  I increase/decrease at the beginning of every row to make it even easier.  This does mean that the squares end up slightly skewed, but the skewness disappears when you join them.

For this blanket I unravelled four charity shop sweaters:

A Gazman's man's sweater in a nice olive colour.

A grey Eddie Bauer sweater in garter stitch.  The yarn looked like shetland but it was quite different unravelled.  It was thicker than the others, so it produced fewer squares.

A Jigsaw polo neck in dark brown.  I can't find a picture of this one now.

An unlabelled sweater in mole colour.  This was also on the thick side, but there was plenty of yarn, and it was very pleasant to work with.

I started knitting this in February 2010 and completed it in September 2012.  It took a long time because I did some bus crochet in between.  I thought about joining the squares by doing three needle bind off, but it seemed too much effort for a not particularly nice blanket, so I crocheted the squares together using slip stitch.  As edging I did one row double crochet and one row crab stitch.

The blanket ended up shorter than a full size single blanket, because I ran out of wool, and, with a yarn store full of yarn, I did not want to buy another sweater for unravelling.  I had fun arranging the squares.  I stuck to my first attempt, because otherwise I would never make up my mind.  On the whole I'm pleased with it.  I like the colours, and it feels pleasant, being 100 per cent wool.

And if you like exposed seams you can use the reverse side.

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