Friday, 14 September 2012

And a cushion cover

I had a request for a cushion cover to the pattern of the blocks in the Modern Throw and I was happy to do it.  This time I bought brand new wool.  I liked the Icelandic Alafoss Lopi chunky yarn that went into the throw, so I bought some more.  It is surprisingly inexpensive in comparison to other chunky yarns, and it is so lovely and soft.  It comes in something like 17 shades, but the shop only had a few.  The request was for a blue cushion so I chose two 100 gr balls in grey and one each in a pale and a darker blue.  I wasn't too happy about the lighter shade because I thought there was too little contrast between it and the grey.

I aimed for a cover with a 40 cm side so I cast on a few more stitches than for the throw.  Again I selected the number of rows randomly, and did one side with darker blue and the other with paler blue stripes.  Then I picked up stitches around the edge and did a three needle bind off on three sides.  The fourth side I crocheted together in slip stitch using a thin blue yarn which disappeared so you can hardly see it.

The finished cover was about 41.5 cm square and it was too loose for a 40 cm cushion pad.  The 45 cm pad fitted much better.  A cushion does look better if the cover is slightly stretched.  The finished cushion is squashy and comfortable and pleases both the recipient and myself.

Modern Cushion

Yarn:  Alafoss Lopi chunky, 245 gr used
Needles:  6mm
Knitted:  15 July to 20 August 2012

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