Monday, 16 January 2012

Account for 2011

Every year I do an account of the amount of wool I have knitted (and of how much I have bought, but we won't mention that).  I don't seem to have knitted very much last year, so I was afraid that my yarn consumption had gone down, but it is in fact nearly exactly the average over the past four years, at 13.0 kg.  That is five 50 gr balls of yarn per week.

I have not done any adventurous knitting.  The majority is my standard blankets, and I finished eight of them.  That is not surprising because I can keep knitting them forever, because the change in colour is exciting.  I tire quickly of other knitting.  I thought perhaps using more wool by changing to aran weight helped, but that applied to only two of the blankets.

So that was a nice surprise.  I have noticed that the unravelled yarn has gone down.  This year I will try to knit from new balls of yarn.  There is quite a lot of them in the yarn store, and they are growing because I don't touch them.

And, in order to add a picture, I will show the SIA figure I could not resist buying in a charity shop, a tomten lookalike in grey with sheepskin gilet and sheepskin lined boots carrying a lamb.

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