Sunday, 16 October 2011

Doing bus crochet

It was while I was crocheting together blanket C9 that I realised how much I enjoyed the crochet, and I looked round for yarn suitable for a crochet project, something I could do on the bus.  So it needed to be portable and easy to do.   I remembered this 4 ply yarn that I bought in a charity shop about a yarn ago.  It came in a plastic bag - nearly one and a half kilo.  I managed to convince myself that it was a wool blend, so it would do in the blankets.  But I think I was wrong.  It is much more likely to be pure acrylic.  For crochet it would do fine.

The colours are nice - two shades of yellow, rust and brown.  The yellows and rust are crepe, so ideal for crochet as it gives a nice definition.  Together the colours look good.

I enjoyed doing the Erika Knight's hexagons, and I wanted something similar.  In Jan Eaton's book 200 crochet blocks I found a pattern for a square block in trebles without the gaps that you get in granny squares.  It is a very easy pattern, easy to do and easy to follow.  I memorized it after the second row.

So now I have finished the yellow blocks.  The rust yarn turned out to be thinner than the yellow, so I can't put them in the same blanket.  I tried the brown one.  It is thicker, so no good either.  The brown yarn is an ordinary 4 ply, ie not crepe, but it must be spun with a z twist because it splits very easily, so it is more awkward to crochet.  The yellow yarns were a dream.

That means that I'm heading for two baby blankets - one yellow and one brown - instead of one adult sized.  I'll leave the rust yarn for crocheting together.  I still enjoy it very much, and I wonder what I can find to do on the bus next.

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