Monday, 27 September 2010

Blanket C6

I like knitting on the bus, but it needs to be very simple knitting that I can manage without looking down, so no counting or stitch changes. Crocheting hexagons was fine, but sewing them together took a long time, so I tried knitting these diagonal squares instead. Making them up still takes a long time.
Blanket C6 was intended as a child's blanket. The yarn is cotton so a full size blanket would be very heavy. I started knitting it 27 April 2009 and finished it 7 August 2010 - I did do other things inbetween. It consists of 56 squares and measures 85 cm by 100 cm, and weighs 860 gr. This is what the squares looked like.
I unravelled two knitted garments, a short sleeved top and a sleeveless pullover. The top was knitted in a putty coloured cotton. It was quite hard, presumably from repeated washing. The pullover was mercerized cotton, much more pleasant. The colour is a pale lavender. The third yarn came from unsuccessful attempts to knit something using a rust Jaeger Pure Cotton that I bought in a sale many years ago.
I laid them out in a second attempt, so it is not the same as the picture above, and sewed them together using backstitch. The seam ended up very thick and I'm not happy with it. When I knit the squares I slip the first stitch, and this make a nice edge, but not very convenient for sewing. Crocheting together didn't work well, either, but I like the crocheted edge around the blanket. Overall it is too heavy for my liking, but it did get rid of quite a lot of cotton yarn. The colours are odd.
My system for numbering blankets is complex and difficult to remember, but there is an order to it. The ordinary blankets are numbered by the row in the spreadsheet I set up in 1994 and have maintained ever since. Ordinary blankets knitted before the spreadsheet are A, and C are non-ordinary blankets. I'm not quite sure what the purpose of B is...

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